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Who is VAPA?

VAPA was created in 2018.

The French producer launched his project from Cologne in Germany where he lived for 4 years. He discovers club culture, minimal techno, deep tech and begins collaborating with German producers. He refines his sonic touch, the inspiration is endless and he tries in parallel via meticulously selected vocal passages to address themes such as loneliness, introspection, the simple joys of life.

The electro from the producer, based in Angers, will therefore appeal to both diehards on the dance floor and lovers of introspective electronica/techno. The originality of his sounds earned him to perform at the Transmusicales in Rennes in December 2021.

The mental and visceral electro of the French artist David Raimbaud does not require to choose between the head and the legs. Its deep and bewitching synthetic sounds call for a communion of body and mind, muscles and poetry.

VAPA is Rambo and Rimbaud together in the same nightclub.

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